Our courses are suitable for beginners as well as experienced therapist and are run on a monthly basis.

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BB Glow is one of the latest on trend Beauty Treatments .

The treatment gives a semi permanent  effect on the skin similar to a light foundation/BB Cream. It is a revolutionary skin care treatment from Korea and rejuvenates the skin to leave it glowing.

It is also ideal to hide impurities such as

Acne Scaring
Dark Circles
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Loss of Volume to the skin

This is the only skin therapy System to provide natural hydration through MTS (Microneedling Therapy System) to give a glowing Dewy appearance to the skin.

The treatment is also highly renowned for anti-aging using natural peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid & serums, to hydrate and plum the skin.

On our one Day advanced BB Glow Skin Specialist Training, you will learn how to perform the perfect BB Glow Facial Treatment on your clients. You will work on two live models throughout the course to ensure both theoretical and practical knowledge is gained.

Certification in BB Glow & MTS as well as a full kit which includes Stayve Serums and MTS device, is provided with the course which will cover 15 clients.

At BB Glow Scotland we only use the number one brand Stayve which is FDA approved and EU regulated.

1 Day Complete Beginner Course £799
1 Day Experienced Therapist Course £649 (previous needling experience/Level 3 Beauty)

Kit Included




Course Cost £349



We are exclusively the only Scottish Training company offering this amazing new treatment that will transform your clients skin.


Flax Lift is a brand new generation cosmetic procedure designed in Korea but tweaked by the Russians. 


Non invasive

No use of equipment

The effect will last from 4 to 6 months



The products create a chemical reaction to saturates the skin with oxygen.

Increases the amount of collagen production.

Improves lympho-drainage, swelling goes down.

Remove toxins.

Lifting & tightening of the skin & neck area.

Smooths lunes & wrinkles. 

Reduces puffiness around the eyes/removed dark circles.

The skin is left infused with nutritious components. 



Certified Course open to beginners. 


Includes Kit for 20 treatments with fantastic profit return. (Treatment Price £70-£100) 




Course cost £399
The Dermaplaning dcourse will teach students how to safely use a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin, minimize imperfections, remove fine vellus hairs and increase product penetration. The controlled removal of stratum corneum skin cells using a surgical blade can dramatically improve skincare results and is a great addition to any salon.
Dermaplaning is in huge demand and is fast becoming a more cost effective and safer alternative to microdermabrasion. This treatment has great profit margins as it is extremely low cost to carry out.
The course includes a kit with enough scalpel blades to carry out 20 clients. Students will carry out treatments on two live models and receive a certificate.


Course Cost £199

Nano Meso Therapy is a safe, minimally invasive aesthetic skin treatment which is used as an alternative to deeper more invasive injectable cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or toxins. 

Accredited Course includes full theory, skin anatomy, model demonstrations, consultation, aftercare forms, ongoing support and kit recommendations and suppliers list.


Course Cost £249

Brow Lamination is the latest beauty trend in Brow artistry and is new to the UK.

The treatment allows you to offer clients a fuller and thicker brow that stays in shape for up to 6 weeks.


During the course you will learn how to perform brow Lamination with our step by step procedure. As well as covering health and safety, contraindications and anatomy of the face.

Our certified course includes working on live models and on completion you will receive a full Kit.


Other Courses Available
Henna Brows £399

LED Therapy £250

Lash Lift & Tinting £250

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions £299

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